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Mainly a Datawarehouse and Business Intelligence developer and architecture, with experience from report development and preparation of data for reports, in addition to data integration and data quality work in ETL tools. Has worked mainly with Oracle technology (Oracle 10g,11gb RDBMS, Oracle BIEE), Informatica PowerCenter and SAP BusinessObjects, and has also come across SAS Institute BI in projects. Is very interested in project management methodology for business intelligence solutions, data warehousing architecture and advisory on how to use BI-solutions within the enterprise and further mature existing BI-solutions from reporting to analytics.

Relevant skills:
My main skills are in the field of Information Management, specifically in datawarehousing, reporting and database management systems. Business Intelligence being the main keyword here. Oracle databases (including PL/SQL development), Oracle BIEE, SAS Institute BI software, Informatica PowerCenter, SAP Business Objects are the main technologies i’ve worked with professionally. In addition I have much personal experience with LAMP web-development (PHP and MySQL solutions running on Linux), wtih XHTML, XML, XSL and CSS for presentation. I also have basic programming skills in Pascal, Java and Lisp.

Sherpa Consulting AS

Business Intelligence Senior Consultant focusing on BI Solution Architecture and Oracle BIEE Implementation. ETL development, report design and development, data modelling, data warehouse and reporting requirement gathering, agile methods for business intelligence projects and more.

Steria Business Intelligence
Senior Software Engineer, Steria AS

Description: Worked as a Business Intelligence Consultant, focusing on Data Integration through ETL tools, data warehouse architecture, Business Intelligence project delivery methodology (agile), data modelling (3NF and Star Schema modelling), SQL implementation and optimization, and PL/SQL programming as well as report building and metadata structure configuration.


  • Toll Og Avgiftsdirektoratet – TRL – Feb 2011 –  Nov 2011. Maintenance of existing solution, development of ETL and reports, as well as testing and configuration of new systems infrastructure (new versions of all tools and software). Reporting on customs and other fees required for payment of import and export of goods, as well as reporting on car fee payments and customs seizures of smuggled items. Main Toolset: Informatica Powercenter, Sybase 15, SAP BusinessObjects
  • Statens Vegvesen – Autosys – Nov 2011 – Dec 2012. Analysis of architecture and solution requirements, data modelling, systems architecture, solution description and creation of design principles and methodology. Planning and estimating of solution. Implementation of data model, metadata semantic layer and some ETL and PL/SQL programming. Reporting on the car stock of cars within Norway, and their owners, as well as reporting on drivers licenses and actions takens within the organization to deal with seized licenses, newly acquired specializations and education thereof, car ownership changes and so on. Main Toolset: Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, Oracle 11g, SAP Business Objects Data Services.
Accenture Information Management Services
Information Management Consultant, Accenture AS

Description: Worked mainly as a Business Intelligence developer, focusing on data integration with ETL tools like Informatica PowerCenter or SAS Data Integration Studio, data warehouse implementation architecture through Oracle databases and reporting with Siebel Analytics and SAP Buisiness Objects.


  • Telenor Wholesale – Jara NetBusiness – Feb 2007- Mar 2008. Report and ETL development for a CRM solution focused on orders and order tracking, SLA-fulfillment, Service Request reporting and similar reports. Main Toolset: Siebel Analytics, Informatica PowerCenter and Oracle 9i.
  • Hjemmet Mortensen – Abonnement – May 2008 – Dec 2008. Report and ETL development for a magazine subscription department at a major magazine publisher, focusing on churn prediction of subscription holders, and reporting on circulation and sales. Main Toolset: SAS Data Integration Studio, SAS Report Studio, SAS Olap Studio and MS SQL Server 2008.
  • Telenor Mobil – Telenorkunden – Jan 2009 – Nov 2010. Customer Centric Datawarehouse focused mainly on subscriptions and customer interactions with customer service, enabling tracking of all contact points a customer has with the company (including agreements, invoices, subscriptions for private and corporate phones, internet services and landlines).ETL and PL/SQL development of data integration and support-software. Main Toolset: Informatica PowerCenter, Oracle 10g, SAP Business Objects.
Student Assistant, NTNU

Classroom-based teachers assistant at the university with focus on guidance, correcting mandatory assignments and hold lectures explaining the assignment solutions.

Other Work Experience
Other Work Experience
Media Responsible Dream Theater Fanclub

Development, design and release of different media solutions (web, print, dvds and podcast for an international artist/band.

Warehouse Employee, Coop Norge

Warehouse worker at a grocery warehouse, driving trucks and picking goods as per ordered from stores around the country.

Sales, Malerbua/Blåbærvegen Lagerutsalg

Summer job at a paint shop/hardware store, selling and renting tools, paint, iron works and similar.

Production Worker, Fesil Rana Metall

Work at the production line at a factory within the smelting industry, producing molten metal and handling it through the production line. Work assignments ranging from basic maintenance work (cleaning and painting) to actual production line work involved directly in keeping the molten metal pouring into the ladles, driving the ladles (and swapping the ladle into which the metal is currently pouring with an empty one) and assisting the crane operator with casting the metal. Ended with an assignment of producing an interactive presentation with video for use as a commercial to potential clients.

Norges Teknisk-naturvitenskapelige Universitet (NTNU) – Master of Science in Information Technology

Masters degree in Computer Science with a focus on Information Management – mainly on how to store and retrieve data from big databases using search engines and metadata structures, both structure and unstructured. Wrote a masters thesis concerning building a digital music library system that users can employ to actively engage socially with music and be able to discover new and interesting music.

Norges Teknisk-naturvitenskapelige Universitet (NTNU) – Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Bachelors degree in Computer Science, learning basic and advanced skills for programming and designing software.

Den Norske Dataforening: Larissa Moss – Extreme Scoping

Agile methodology for data warehouse projects

Den Norske Dataforening: Bill Inmon – DW2.0

Data Warehouse 2.0 architecture and design by one of the main “gurus” in BI – Bill Inmon.

SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform Master Class

A full course in Data Warehouse architecture, data modelling, data integration, report design and building, OLAP design and building, data quality management, and much more. A very thorough course giving a thorough introduction into the world of SAS software and into the Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing architecture.

Oracle Siebel Analytics Server Architect

Metadata Repository design principles course for Siebel Analytics – Valid also for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 10g and 11g as most of the principles and the tools are the same.

Accenture Business Intelligence Bootcamp

A basic course of Business Intelligence principles, mainly focusing on star schema design, data modelling and simple ETL-programming. Microsoft SQLServer Integration Services and Reporting Services was used as a demonstration tool.