My Music

Disclaimer: These bits and pieces are just for fun. I’m not a musician šŸ˜‰

Angel Come To Me This is my most “famous” song in the sense that i have fame (ie none at all). It’s a part of my “nape” period, where we just were four guys not knowing much about music at all. Not good technically, but the song is quite okay.
Rock Me To Poisin Another weird song from nape
Travelling_Light Another nape masterpiece. Actually the first nape song.
Wish You Were Here A cover of the pink floyd tune. not too good, was just a way of figuring out my recording program.
A song with no name This is a song I made some time ago that I now recorded with the use of Reason and ProTools.
Wait for sleep “techno version” This is something i made to figure out Reason a bit. It’s a cover version of Dream Theaters Wait for sleep, though not complete (only first verse has vox and the level is way too high.
Nine Inch Nails – The Hand That Feeds Remix NIN released some of their tracks in Garageband files, telling people to remix as they wanted. I did so.
Nox Hard Rock Riff Just trying to record something with my BOSS GT-100 and Superior Drummer